Geert van Schoot (Utrecht) is visual effects creator, director of photography, stereographer and color grader.

Geert van Schoot creates VFX for film, TV and commercials. Works as senior compositor, visual effects editor and VFX supervisor. Creates effects like explosions, set extensions, digital landscapes, crowds, 3d CGI, miniatures, smoke, water, fire, flares, sky-replace. But also cleans unwanted elements out of the picture.
Compositing, camera / object tracking, rotoscoping, green screen removal, matte painting, wire removal, particles, 3dstereo. Watch the demo reel on Turtle Beach VFX,
Tools include After Effects, Nuke-X, Vue, Pf Match-it.

Films with own equipment (Red Epic Dragon 6K and ATOM 3D system) movies, commercials, documentaries, music videos.
Passion for story, light, grip and film music. Practical and solution oriented.
Pioneer as DSLR filmmaker. Specialist with chromakey in studio and on location.
Features its own greenscreen studio in Utrecht.

Turtle Beach offers a spacious grade-studio (80m2) with TV-logic grade-A monitoring and a calibrated projector with 4 meter wide screen both for cinema and for television. Movies, documentaries, commercials. Red-Epic workflow specialist. 4K 2K HD to SD finishing DCP, tape, MXF, EAT, Blu-ray/DVD, internet.

About 25 years ago Geert van Schoot (1966) began his film career as a color grader, in 1996 he continues independently as a composer for film and television productions. The activities become soon wider to audio- and video post-production. In 2000 he founded together with a companion a post-production facility. In 2008 he started his current company: Turtle Beach VFX in Utrecht, films (in own chromakeystudio and on location in the Netherlands and abroad) and finishes the postproduction of many productions based on visual effects. In 2011 he expanded his equipment further with the Red Epic Dragon 6K cinema camera.